When Ife initially asked me to write for his blog, I was surprised and still am if you ask me. I am NOT a writer. In fact apart from school work (and one poem I wrote when I really thought I was in love), the only thing I have written was what Ife saw and made him ask me to write for his blog. To be sincere, I am greatly honored even though he only asked me because he’s “too busy”. Too busy with girls I’ll say. Anyways let me stop talking bout my uninteresting life (cause believe me, thats technically my life).
Let’s talk about relationship since February 14 is almost here. I am not a hater neither am I a fan of Valentine’s Day but I know how special it is for many and how it’s the worst day of the year for some. Others generally do not care. Do people even know the concept of St. Valentine’s Day? I know ladies who believe if their bf doesn’t get them GIFTS on that day, then he’s done with. Some ladies expect the guy to give but not get. Isn’t it all about sharing and appreciating your loved ones? You don’t need to wait for a guy to shower you with gifts on that day ONLY to prove he loves you. It isn’t even about monetary exchange. It could be you just helping a friend or stranger out, or showing your family how much you love them by doing something special. Why do most things in life have a connection with money? Money doesn’t make the world go round, Love does. I am not one of those sappy hopelessly in love people. Like please! I have much more important things to do than obsess about love. But seriously, what does Love mean to you? Have you ever deeply thought about this or have you been using the dictionary definition to judge where you stand? Can I ask you what love is and you’ll give me your own version of what you believe it is and not what people say it is? For those in relationships right now, think about this, are you in love or are you in a convenient relationship? One which you’re just in to make people stop talking about you as the lady who can’t hold down a man or the one who’s in it for the gift and the status or the one who’s old enough to be married and will go with anyone. I was in statistics class one day and my teacher asked for our age so she can use it for an example of the topic we were on. I happened to be on the row she chose.  out of ten people, there were five18s, four 19s and one 22. I happened to be the 22. I started thinking about the fact that these people were in the same age group as my younger sister. I thought about the fact that my mates are getting married and those who aren’t are engaged. Here I am still in college. did that make me sad and almost cry? Yes. Did I cry and think about how miserable my life is? Of course no. Why?! Because even though I was in class with teenagers, I am a senior taking a prerequisite and so what do I expect? I am also a woman who believes strongly in education and I know it’s not how far but how well. Do I love the life I am living at the moment? Absolutely, Alhamdulillah. So this Valentine’s Day, don’t think about the fact that you have no boyfriend to give you any gift. Think about EVERYTHING in life you’re thankful for and thank God for it. Pray for yourself, your family and friends and all the souls you’ve lost to His mercies (Don’t let this be the first and last day you’ll do this. You should be thankful everyday of your life). As for me, I would be in school and it’s on a Friday so definitely will be attending Jummah In sha Allah. Be happy. Happy Valentine’s Day in Advance.

P.s. I hope I get to write more in future. Nah not really though. I hate thinking about what to write.
By Iqmat (IG/twitter: @cutiehique)


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