DEATH MUST BE A MAN. (Tribute to Samiat)

It is inevitable, it is ‘undodgeable’, no matter how long it takes, how discreet you try to be, how perfectly perfect you hide, whenever the MAN is ready, he practically yawns, stretches and reaches for a mortal life like he’s deliberately kept it for himself these past years.
Death must be a man; a brave, cocky man, who an average Nigerian would say ‘sends no one’, who answers to no mortal being, but does whatever he thinks right, whenever and wherever he deems fit.
Death must be a man, to have the wit to take away a living being’s ultimate right to live, with no intention of giving it back, ceasing your breath permanently, leaving your friends, family and admirers to mourn and wallow in pain and regrets. He takes a whole life and all he leaves behind is sorrow.
Mehn, death must be a very strong, care-free man, to whisk away an innocent soul like my friend’s, somebody so dear to my heart, a person I’d sacrifice an innocent stranger for without blinking, a sweet soul, pretty not only on the face but also in mind and thoughts.
The invincible man reached for my Samiat just months ago; got a call early in the day from my cousin who happened to be friends with her too, she was all in tears, I could barely make out what she was saying, when I finally could make sense off all she said, I froze. My phone stayed there, glued to my ear, I could say not a word in reply, could hear her saying “hello, hello, are u still there?” If felt as tho my lips became very heavy, I could not answer. I cut her off when my body system finally came back to life after some seconds of hibernation; trembling and shaking, I began my quest for confirmation, calling several other high school mates, but it seemed my cousin was the only one who had heard. Later, I confirmed she died of leukemia. I had never cried like that in a very very long time, I wept like ‘God-knows-what’, shock was how I never heard of her sickness, my sweet, lovely, one in a million, caring Samiat had departed the world without the slightest chance of saying goodbye.
Even as I write this, I fight tears, my only consolation being that I trust she’s doing okay where she is, a beautiful soul does not suffer. I remember she says she would not miss my wedding ceremony for anything in the world cause she thinks I like the opposite sex too much and she’d wanna see how the last chic standing would look like; now it seems impossible but am sure she’ll still not miss it, she’ll watch from WHEREVER and not be disappointed!.
Stopped crying over her sometime ago (surprised? I still cry when I remember the crazy stuffs we used to do and say) when in a very real dream I saw her, telling me to not run from her, coming closer, she said to stop crying and tell other friends to stop too, as she’s not dead and still very much around. That is no COCK and BULL, I had that dream. Since then, whenever the good old times with her and other friends slip into my thoughts, I try not to think her dead, but in a faraway place, where she’s having fun, where we can’t see for now :).
Now am lighting a candle which am going to watch until it burns to its last, my little way of paying my last respects to a great lass who fell on February the 18th. If there’s another world where she might be right now, or another world after that, I know she’ll live in bliss, and if there’s not, oh well, she made the best of this!. We (A. Hazeezah, A.Tolu, U.Tolu, O.Clement, A.Ayo, A.Deboye, A.Adeola, O.Tunji and I) all still love you. Keep resting in flawless peace…..

“One thing is certain the rest are lies, a flower that has once blossomed shall forever die”
-Edward Filz Garald.

To Samiat Adeoti I. (199*-2013), and to everyone who’s lost a loved one, may their lovely souls rest in peace.

Gracias por leer!


2 thoughts on “DEATH MUST BE A MAN. (Tribute to Samiat)

  1. Toyosi says:

    This is so touching.. I was shedding tears without even knowing i was.. A sincere write up from a true friend.. May her soul RIP!

  2. Lara says:

    Very touching I tell u!!! We all just have to live our lives right kuz we’ll all taste death just hope it’ll be a merciful one. Rest in peace Samiat and all the loved one’s we’ve lost.

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